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Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel and Pedals for Xbox One
Simulator-grade Racing Performance

Mad Catz' Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel and Pedals for Xbox One is the culmination of extensive teamwork alongside racing drivers from every genre of the sport. The wheel and pedals system is a highly realistic racing simulation accessory, ready to mount into your racing cockpit or clamp onto a desk. Operating from the UK – the heart of the global motorsport industry – Mad Catz' engineering team worked with the very best rally car drivers and endurance racing teams. Utilizing incomparable access to progressive testing and training facilities, Mad Catz forged a state-of-the-art system that shifts next-gen racing into top gear.

Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel Features Dual Rotation Settings
Dual Rotation Settings Ideal for Simulation and Arcade Games

Switchable between 270 and 900 degrees of lock-to-lock rotation, the Pro Racing Wheel is genuinely dual purpose. For arcade-style driving games, the 270-degree setting makes turning faster and allows you to focus on the action. Switch to the 900-degree setting and engage full simulation mode, which replicates the authentic challenges facing professional racing drivers. You can effectively test your mettle without compromise, but also have the option to lower the difficulty.

Next-gen Force Feedback with Dual Motors and Helical Gears

Helical gears deliver three distinct advantages to provide a competitive edge. They are stronger, more precise, and far quieter than their straight-cut counterparts. The leading-edge force feedback mechanism delivers a much higher level of realism than previously possible, heightening the sensation of immersion to a level unachievable with other wheels.

Highly Adjustable Pedals Match Your Personal Racing Style
Highly Adjustable to Match Personal Racing Styles

Mimicking the adjustability commonly found on race-prepared coilover suspension, the pedals' spring force and travel both conform to individual preferences. The pedals' spacing can be set to nine different lateral positions, and they're also height adjustable to offer a choice of upright or reclined configurations. And, the pedal frame introduces the sensation of footwell limits, replicating the unique perspective of pro racers.

Ergonomic adjustability doesn't stop with the pedals. Set the steering wheel's rake angle to one of four settings – ranging from zero to 15 degrees – with the included Allen key.

Long-lasting and Durable Construction
Long-lasting and Reliable Construction

A product of this caliber demands only the best finishing. Genuine suede leather covers the aluminum steering wheel. The aluminum-faced pedals employ non-contact, position-sensing technology to increase longevity and reliability. Twin paddles promote instant gear shifting and are made of solid aluminum. Durable metal and strong ABS plastics impart the feeling of quality and craftsmanship, while high-precision internal components – like the wheel shaft's dual roller bearings – boost racing efficiency.

Versatile Mounting Options

For a completely stable response, attach the wheel to your table or desk with the included clamps. And when driving from the comfort of your couch, detachable lap rests keep the wheel securely nestled in your lap.

Ideal Companion for Playseat® Gaming Seats

Taking a decisive step beyond commonplace installations, the Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel and Pedals system easily integrates into Playseat's Revolution* and Evolution* gaming seats. Providing the means for the ultimate home-racing rig, you benefit from uncompromising performance coupled with striking aesthetics.

*Each sold separately

Supports Future Updates
Supports Future Updates

Two facets of the wheel are primed and ready for potential updates farther down the road. The wheel face, mounted on a removable boss, easily detaches from the shaft to allow uncomplicated swapping. The internal computer chip's firmware is also upgradable via USB connection to a PC.

Created for Forza Motorsport 5 on Xbox One

The Xbox One console has created a new communication protocol for wheels which delivers unprecedented accuracy. Mad Catz' new Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel and Pedals system makes the most of this new protocol, while satisfying hardcore and casual racing fans alike. Mad Catz worked closely with the Forza Motorsport development team to craft a wheel that exactly matches the level of racing simulation taking place in the game. The Xbox One console is taking racing games farther than they have ever traveled before, and the Pro Racing wheel is an ideal ally for victory in Forza Motorsport 5.

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    Great stuff 8/18/2014 1:55 am I've had a total of 4 steering wheels throughout my many gaming years. This is by far the best so far. Hoping for PC drivers soon so I can expand it's use.
    Hard Core Racer..... 8/4/2014 8:33 am WOW, it is by far above any other wheel I have used! Waited a long time to get this, a long time. Was it worth the wait, YES. The feedback and rumble on the wheel is over the top in performance. It really is the best wheel I have, and I have three other wheels. Get one, you will not regret it, stay shiny and keep in on the pavement. PURPLESPEED
    works very well 7/30/2014 8:56 pm Not as much force feed back as the thrustmaster but so far it has had no problems and also has a better feeling wheel. I have two thrustmaster wheels and so far the madcatz has been reliable with no issues, I can not say the same for the thrustmaster although they have good customer service I would rather just have a reliable wheel. Good job Madcatz!
    Gamer 2/4/2014 3:54 pm I've played a lot of raceing games from PGR series thru forza series with a wheel & pedals set up , this pro wheel & pedals remind me when I first got my MOMO ff wheel, very high quality next gen can't wait, come on mad katz release the wheel on time PLEASE. Pre-ordered mine already
    One for me... 12/14/2013 4:13 am That´s is a serious simulation wheel with great construction quality and good wheel is mine for sure!!!
    Wheel first impressions 12/11/2013 6:00 pm Ino it's not a review but, first impressions are very good! Looks firm and looks very nice! Iv previously purchased the xbox 360 force feedback wheel and my impressions were fantastic! If madcatz can better that I will take my hat off to them ! Looks great, can't wait to get my hands on one! Peace.