Product Description


Highly Versatile 2.4GHz Wireless Audio

TRITTON’s Kunai Wireless Stereo Headset provides a comfortable, first-rate audible experience for virtually any gaming device. The Kunai Wireless outputs high-fidelity game and chat audio through two precision-tuned 40mm speakers employing neodymium magnets. Featuring a wireless range of 33 feet, the TRITTON Kunai is the ideal headset for all your gaming needs.

Works with Nearly ANY Gaming Device

The Kunai Wireless is compatible with a wide variety of platforms including the Xbox 360 console, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 systems, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Windows PC, and Mac. In addition, the Kunai is compatible with smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and most devices employing 3.5mm output.

Designed for Extended Gaming Sessions

The Kunai Wireless keeps your ears comfy with its padded, adjustable headrail, which extends an extra 1.25 inches on either side to accommodate a wide range of head sizes. When it's time for a break from the action, the plush earcups swivel to provide a comfortable around-the-neck resting position.

Expansive Stereo Sound via 40mm Drivers

Housing sizable speakers which pump out robust stereo sound with a wide dynamic range, comfortable earcups deliver clean and crisp audio reproduction. Utilizing the highest grade of drivers available for use in headsets – neodymium – the Kunai Wireless feeds audio through a pair of 40mm speakers for thumping bass and bright highs.

Folding Microphone with Auto-mute

While listening to your favorite tunes or simply watching a film, a headset's microphone can become a distraction. The mic on the Kunai Wireless smoothly folds up and out of your periphery when you don’t need it. And, the mute feature automatically activates as the mic moves out of your way.



Separate Game and Voice Volume Controls

If the chatter from your online rivals gets distracting and starts to hinder your gameplay experience, just turn a dial on the headset's on-ear controls to quickly tune them out. Game volume can also be adjusted on-the-fly* so you can drown out your foe's voice but still hear the game's soundtrack.

*Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 only.

Includes Everything Needed to Connect to any Xbox 360

Whether your Xbox 360 console is legacy or current-gen and connected to a display via HDMI or component/VGA/composite, the Kunai Wireless is ready to go, straight out of the box. All required cables and adapters are included to ensure you can connect to any Xbox 360 within minutes.

    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    woW! 2/8/2014 6:02 pm Its only one hundred dollars but has 1000 dollar quality
    Superb 1/11/2014 3:30 pm This piece of innovation fulfills all of my needs. When I play the PS4, I sit across the entire room with a large plasma flat-screen, so I either need a 20 ft. cable, or a bluetooth headset, and this is exactly what it is. Taking note of the fact that this is usable with 8 platforms/devices paints a large, gleeful grin across my face, and I would recommend this for gamers and music listeners. It even comes with a nice little cable in case you're on the go with your on the go with your handheld. My first purchase from Mad Catz has certainly left a fantastic first impression on what these guys have to offer, and I can't wait to see more!
    Spot on headset, great for the price! 1/8/2014 1:45 pm I would for sure recommend this product for anyone looking to buy a head. The sound is good quality for the price. One of the best features of this product is, that it generally works for all (almost) platforms. Having multiple consoles, this will save me heaps amount of money from buying different headsets for each counsel. The quality of this headset I would say is really durable, and does not feel cheap. The wireless receiver its self is small and concealable and does not get in the way.
    Cheap and awesome! 12/31/2013 2:39 pm I wasnt expecting much from a $100 headset because USUALLY you get what you pay for. This headset surprised me, its a good headset and worth the hundred bucks!
    Beast You Should Buy It!!! 12/20/2013 8:46 am It has good audio thanx madcatz!!!
    Good headset 12/4/2013 5:16 am This is just awesome!