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Mad Catz Pro Controller for Xbox 360 - Black
Battle Ready

Designed to adapt to the competitive gamer's individual preferences, Mad Catz’ officially licensed Pro Controller is a high-end gamepad which must be used in order to fully appreciate. From slip-deterring rubberized grips to a robust braided cable, everything about the Pro Controller radiates quality and craftsmanship.

A pro player's controller is their life, the instrument with which they conquer their foes; a useful tool they cannot manage to be without. With their needs in mind during the entire creation process, and through extensive input and thorough play-testing from pro gamers, the community's voice came through loud and clear in the form of a controller which outperforms any other on the market today.

Mad Catz Pro Controller for Xbox 360 - Swappable ProModule Components
Swap ProModule Components at Will

The groundbreaking ProModule system permits key components of the controller to be swapped as you see fit. Freely move the D-Pad and analog sticks to create your own personal layout. Additional ProModule kits (sold separately) provide a variety of colors, tensions, heights, and textures.

Consistent Analog Sticks Defeat “Slow Turn” Issues

One of the biggest challenges facing professional gamers is the issue of “slow turn.” Inconsistent analog sticks can severely affect gameplay, and sometimes at the worst possible moment during a competition. Problem solved with the Pro Controller’s precise, accurate, thoroughly play-tested analog sticks. Hit your target the first time, every time.

Mad Catz Pro Controller for Xbox 360 - Removable Top and Side Faceplates
Removable Top and Side Faceplates

Easily swappable magnetic top and side faceplates securely attach to the Mad Catz Pro Controller. Individuals or clans can skin their controller for personal preference or to match team colors. Additional faceplate kits (sold separately) deliver the unique opportunity to customize your controller’s overall appearance so you can truly call it your own.

Mad Catz Pro Controller for Xbox 360 - Durable 3-Meter ProCable
Durable 3-Meter ProCable

A first-rate cable is the key to a long-lasting electronic device. The Pro Controller comes through with a rugged, braided ProCable which utilizes a unique design to screw into the top. Wired USB connectivity stifles threats of latency or dropout during competitive play. Fully detachable for safe transport, nestle the ProCable within the ProCase to eliminate the hassle – and potential damage – of wrapping the cable around your controller. A full three meters are included, and additional ProCables (sold separately) provide varied colors and lengths.

Intuitive Cartridge-Based Weight System

A pair of 35g weights provides variance in how the controller feels in your hand. Whether you prefer the weight of a wired or wireless controller, easily add or remove up to 70 grams to create the ideal sensation.

Included ProCase Stores/Protects Controller and Accessories

Featuring a dedicated storage area for the Pro Controller and another for interchangeable components, the ProCase helps make travel a breeze. Whether heading to a friend’s house or competing in an out-of-town tournament, just zip up and go.

    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    Pro player, Pro product. 5/11/2014 10:47 pm Allow me to be the first reviewer, in doing so, I will gladly represent this product, I made the switch to it around 2 years ago, the original MLG supported format, and after a week of playing, I fell in love, absolute love for an inanimate object.I cannot and will not use another controller, it's the most consistent, sturdy, well made AND comfortable controller I have EVER used, and being a player who plays on LAN.You have to trust your set up, when money is on the line, everything counts.I'm very sad to see the partnership between the two end, as it may cause this product to dilute in production, and possibly become non existent :(As well as the non support from Microsoft for the one...I would recommend this product to anyone, looking for that edge to stand out.Also, Madcatz reps, if you see this, make this controller for the One, just for me, I will buy a million of them, seriously...Contact me at ChokebrightZ at gmail if you have any questions or inquiries.
    my xbxo 360 controller 4/10/2014 3:28 pm This product is amazing. I bought it for Halo, and Call Of Duty. Its a first person shooter controller, so when you go to play a game like Minecraft it would work good for a hunger games.