Product Description

Safeguard your investment while celebrating 10 years of the blockbuster Halo franchise with TRITTON’s limited edition Halo Headset Skinz. Easy to apply and remove - without the need for a bothersome squeegee - these durable covers can withstand harsh punishment and bounce back for reapplication. Designed to be used time after time, no sticky residue is left behind after removal, providing you with the freedom to change your headset’s color scheme to suit your mood.

Like armor for your headset, Skinz are crafted from patented SnakeSkin material-a network of small air channels that push out excess air to stifle bubbles from popping up. Should one happen to form, it can be easily eliminated with a simple finger swipe. Utilizing a triple-tiered defense system, the top layer is highly water-resistant and won’t smear or fade, while the middle and bottom layers maintain your headset’s sleek, smooth finish. Long-lasting, stylish and easy to use, Skinz are the ideal choice for headset customization and protection.

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    headset skin 12/7/2013 6:41 pm this is great