Product Description

Breathe New Life into Your Games, Music and Movies

Boasting powerful lighting effects capable of displaying 16 million colors, the innovative amBX system helps build enhanced atmosphere to create a truly immersive surround gaming experience. Especially useful for those late-night gaming sessions, the amBX lights may even help relieve eye strain by spreading the color and light beyond that displayed by your monitor.

Dependent on the game and its level of support for amBX, the lighting will have various effects ranging from ambient lighting that matches the videogame world you're playing in, to status lights that indicate the direction from which you're being shot at.

Immersive Surround Lighting

Take the game beyond the screen and into the room around you. Add a pair of additional lights to unleash the potential of fully amBX-enabled games. By connecting ancillary lights and positioning them around your PC, it's possible to set up lighting that correctly responds to the positional information in a game; walk past a torch on a dungeon wall and watch as your lights correctly display that light source in the real world.

Compatible with ALL PC Games, Supports Most Direct3D Games

Provided the game you're playing works correctly with Direct3D, the lights will still function even if the game doesn't directly support amBX. The innovative effects-generating software (included) analyzes onscreen events and enables the lights to display the correct color information to match, including basic left and right directionality.

Add Depth to More than Games

Using various media players it’s possible to achieve immersive ambient lighting effects for your music and video content, too. Use the amBX apps to create your own light effects to enhance the enjoyment and atmosphere of movies and music on your PC.

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